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Second-hand, sustainable, and in seconds.

A browser extension that suggests similar pre-loved alternatives while you shop online!

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Purple Flower


Welcome to TakeTwo!

TakeTwo was founded in February 2023 after seeing the impacts of fast fashion on the environment. 


Fashion production comprises 10% of total global carbon emissions, while 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year. 


We want to offer sustainable alternatives for all online shopping, helping to accelerate towards a greener future. Check out how it works below and our blog!

Take  Two Ads (facebook format) (Website).png

How it works

  • How will I be able to shop using the TakeTwo web extension?
    As you shop, if we find a better alternative, a Taketwo icon will appear on the side of your browser to take you to it.
  • How will you find second-hand alternatives?
    We will use AI-powered search tools to find similar options on our partner marketplaces based on your search criteria. We'll start with Depop, but hope to expand out to eBay, Vinted and more!
  • Will the pre-loved alternatives be an exact match?
    Hopefully! If not, we will try to find alternatives that are as similar as possible
  • TakeTwo is free - How will it make money?
    We will take a small commission when you find an item you like through the web extension. This is so we can always have a version of the TakeTwo web extension that is free, to get as many people shopping sustainably as we can!
  • When are you launching?
    We are in final stages of testing now, so hopefully in late 2023!
  • Can you filter options?
    Definitely! In the 'Filters' menu on the side you can refine your recommendations by size, price, condition, and resale platform.

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